He exclaimed Speeding With Motor Drag

      High-adrenaline racing at high speed motorcycle riding was not only belong to the driver, but the audience and the 'people' who are behind the scenes creation of the motor speed is also soluble tasted.

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     Perhaps many do not understand to what the motor can only be created dibesut in a straight path. The interface also just mengadalkan iron bars only. Without the fiber as a body and most importantly, can be shot as soon as possible. Yes,

Bikedrag drag racing bike, drag bike Indonesia, drag racing, drag, drag bike

      Changes are often made ​​to work on drag bike usually starts from the engine. Parts such as valves, stroke, carburetor, crankshaft experimental ratio to be part of the most costly.

       The rest is just part for the legs as wheels, and exhaust shockbreaker be complementary. Total cost could reach tens of millions of dollars.

Drag racing bike

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      However, drag bike became one of sport's most automotive demand. Various events are held is always surrounded by thousands of spectators.

      Enthusiasm that comes from the participants and spectators must be the pride of pleasure for the organizers.

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