Chaotic Bekasi Drag Race: Endangered Due Clear Internal Problem

Bekasi drag race series regular in the City of Hope dihajat Beautiful (KHI) threatened held off this year. Internal issues between Creative Media PT Flip (FMK / Flip) and PT Karsa Mixima (SAMA) was allegedly menggeroti 'kongsian' in a staged event that had labeled 'Racewar' and SA Dragbike. "We are very disappointed because the schedule has been announced since last year, but canceled a month before the event," Joshua Jeffry regret, about the canceled race manager Flip drag bike Bekasi 7 series this year.

The plan, Flip will perform this year's celebration SAME seven series. Note, this schedule of events beyond their own claim as many as 6 series. So, if not canceled, Flip will carry out the carpet drag as much as 13 times. Six series of theirs, SAMA's seven series.

Automatic with this cancellation, Flip runs itself. For the nearest event, they will menghajat Racewar drag race / drag bike in the next 19 to 20 March KHI. Inevitably, the cancellation of a drag bike event affecting confidence in the claim on whether Racewar Flip. "People wonder, his Racewar be held baseball?" Said Astrabudhi Services, managing director of Flip.

To convince the public, Jonathan Stevenson expressed his confidence if Racewar be held next March. According to him, it is difficult to unite the community if there is no drag strive to unite the party. "Let me baseball is no event, drag race fans themselves remain," said one supporter of this event's Flip. "Stay the way, there is or not (sponsor)," said Jeffry.
On the other hand, via text message (11/2), Sigit Widianto, one of the leaders SAME if it stops a plan announced seven series drag bike this year because of internal problems. However, when further confirmed, the reason to stop calling Sigit drag bike because the company plans to concentrate on new business development and management of tourist attractions in the area Cipularang, Jabar. "This year there are big projects, we do happen to people a bit, so it was decided to focus there first," he said.

Later, Sigit send a press release containing notice of the first drag event 'canceled' to be delayed until an unspecified time limit. Accompanied by a description of reasons for the delay due to the absence of certainty sponsor is required to support the running costs. Can be interpreted, which sent a release form of 'smoothing' of the previously disclosed the background, focus on new projects.

No doubt, the cessation of the SAME event held just drag it raises question marks about the company's commitment. But this rush Sigit rebuffed by calling it remained committed to it. "The commitment remains, we just stopped to wait for completion (new project). In the beginning we could still leave it to others, but before finishing, we must plunge, "said Sigit that when contacted (18/2) was in the Yamaha Cup Race event in Makassar.

Furthermore, he revealed that SAMA is a new name. But in that it contains the old people in the event the drag race. "Our company remains committed to organizing events, especially against the drag. If (project) is completed, maybe we'll make it again, but baseball series, "confident.

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