Figure Motorcycle Drag: Drag Bike Modification Collection in Indonesia

If overseas MotoGP and World Superbike racing is a spectacle of the most in demand, then there is race racing Indonesia also often referred to as 'wild race' which is known as the drag bike. Motorcycle drag racing is arguably having a fairly high degree of risk because there is rarely performed with makeshift security devices. In addition, almost all of the motor has been modified total drag is solely for the pursuit of speed on the straights only. Nonetheless, one of the charms of the motor bike form drag is identical to the display trondol, leaving hardly anything except the innards of the machine, chassis, brakes, and tires. In fact, sometimes the seat until the seat was ousted too! The goal is obviously only one, to throw the weight of the motor as much as possible with the purpose of obtaining additional acceleration as high as possible.

Well, for my friend all that fond of racing and motorcycle drag-style modifications, following a number of motorcycle drag image collections with various modifications unique idea.
Image Collection Motor Drag in Indonesia Unique and Sangar

Gambar Motor drag

Modifikasi motor drag

Motor Drag bike
Gambar motor trondol
Koleksi Motor drag
Gambar Motor Drag

Motor drag unik
 gambar motor drag unik

Well, that's a wide collection of unique images with drag bike modification ideas. From these images it seems Suzuki Satria F150 is the king's viscera drag bike! Some again are also often used as a motor innards drag is 150RR and Yamaha RX-King.

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