Modification Ninja 250 With Characteristic Valentino Rossi

Kawasaki Ninja is one of the most loved big motor in the country today. This was proven with the full fairing dominated motorsport in Indonesia. With the shape looks sporty and futuristic, Ninja motorcycles are often the target of modification, both the Ninja 150 or 250 Well, a glance at one of the 250 Ninjas with style modification lively and colorful, perhaps modified Lunt-owned Rendi can be used as a reference. Motor Ninja 250 was made ​​in 2013 his style mounts while Valentino Rossi's Ducati team still prevail in.

Modifikasi Ninja 250
Modifikasi Ninja 250
 For the engine innards sector still left the manufacturer's standard. Modifications his Ninja 250 just to play in the whole body only. For spare parts and accessories are almost entirely Bikers wear branded parts. According to him, parts accessories made ​​in Thailand is very practical and easy, just plug it, and do not require cutting, coak, welding, etc.. To apply the concept of a versatile motorcycle Valentino Rossi colorful, Rendi apparently do not use an airbrush but full of cutting sticker, because it is more practical. Sekonsep with the theme of the motor body, the helmet of favorite everyday wear is also wrapped with the same cutting sticker with colorful patterns that crowded. In order sticker firmly attached, is used as a finishing varnish.

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