List of Motorcycle Minerva Sachs 2014 Complete With Price

Among a series of names such as Honda, Suzuki, Yamaha, and Kawasaki. There are a few more names contesting a particular market. Call it, BMW, Ducati, or Minerva. In this article, spekmotor blog will discuss products last name, namely Minerva. Vendors who use the machine Sachs, Germany is actually already arrived in Indonesia since 2008.

As an outside manufacturer that carries the famous Sachs technology, coupled with the price of the motor Minerva is relatively lucrative, it could attract consumers to try it. However, it turns out, the first variant, the quality of Minerva considered less promising especially from the many resources on the internet, as well as community forums to give testimony about the poor quality of the motor Minerva. However, with the passage of time, it seems Minerva Motor Indonesia (MMI) continues to make improvements to enhance the motor-bike shortages. Unmitigated, in some variants of the motor Minerva dare even given a warranty for 3 years, as written on their official website!

Until the 2014's, there are 8 types of motor Minerva offered by them. Most of the sport is manifold. Design and indentation motor cool and cheap price appears to be their main weapon in mendongrak sales in Indonesia. Intrigued by the motor list Minerva? Here are the variants that have been sold in the OTR in Indonesia.

List of Motorcycle Minerva Sachs 2014: Specs & Price

Minerva Naked 250
Minerva Naked 250
Minerva Naked 250 comes with street fighter style bike. Speaking of design, the motor output is not lost with Minerva moge-moge made ​​Kawasaki, Yamaha, and Ducati. This 247cc engine capacity motor uses a radiator-cooled SOHC tech technology Advanced Balancer Shaft. Minerva Naked 250 is designed with Multi Twin Spar Trellis framework that is able to ensure stability in handling.

For the engine, motor with 5-speed transmission is capable of producing up to 20,5Hp 8.500rpm round and 18Nm of maximum torque at 6.000rpm round. Minerva Naked 250 is priced at Rp. 28.45 million, - OTR.

Minerva R150 New VX
Minerva R150 VX
Minerva R150 VX
New Minerva R150 VX is' CBRnya Minerva. This motor also Minerva series first launched in Indonesia. Has a full fairing design style sport bike, Minerva R150 carrying the 4-stroke SOHC engine capacity of 147cc with oil cooler. Motor with 5-speed transmission is capable of generating power up to 13.5 hp at 9500 rpm rotation and a maximum torque at 7000 rpm rotation 10,5Nm. Minerva R150 using large exhaust with chrome color coating labeled Minerva, as well as front and rear LED lights make the appearance more muscular aerodynamic and modern. The motors are available in 2 colors is priced at Rp.17.500.000, - OTR. The price is cheap for a full fairing bike class.

Minerva Megelli 250 RE & RV
Minerva Megelli 250
Minerva Megelli 250 RE dan RV
Minerva Minerva Megelli is the mainstay of the motor. This type of motor sport fairing could be competitors Kawasaki Ninja 250 for local 250cc motorcycle market in Indonesia. Motor tech SOHC 4-valve 247cc water-cooled radiator is capable of spewing power up to 27 hp at 7.000rpm rotation and a maximum torque of 22 Nm (7.000rpm). For the legs, Megelli 250 is designed with a wide disc and double disc wave models for piston front disc and rear. Design should Megelli 250 thumbs up with the body tapering grooves and futuristic. Price Minerva motors are available in 3 colors, namely yellow, red, and black. Megelli 250 priced at Rp.32.300.000, - for the type of RE and Rp.35.300.000, - for the type of RV. Relatively cheap for a 250cc motorcycle when compared with the Kawasaki Ninja 250 for example.

Minerva SuperMoto 250
Minerva SuperMoto 250
Minerva is the 250 Supermoto bike trail type. The motor that comes with yellow color cover ngejreng has a sporty design. This is evident in the curves of shell lamps / her headlamp that combines black and white chrome. At the stern also appears sharp rear fender design with a typical high trail bike.

To spur the kitchen sector, net capacity motor 247cc SOHC 4-stroke technology is able to power up to gush 20,5Hp 8.500rpm round and 18Nm maximum torque (8.000rpm). Minerva Supermoto 250 could be the answer for trail bike lovers in the country which currently is quite rare, in addition to the type and KSR KLX offered by Kawasaki. Minerva Supermoto 250 itself is priced at Rp.26.900.000, - OTR

Minerva GTR 150 
Minerva GTR150
Minerva GTR150 & 170
GTR 150 & 170 is a scooter type motorcycle Minerva. Judging from the capacity of the machine, it could be, is GTR150 cc motor scooter with the largest capacity to date in Indonesia. According to the official website, the GTR 150 is capable of producing a top speed of up to 124.6 km / h.

As the motor matic, Minerva design GTR150 fairly okay. In the legs, GTR150 designed with wide tread tires and a sporty racing wheels are adorned with bright yellow color list. The cover also comes with the CPI Racing bearing design that looks and striking detail. For quality design, Minerva GTR 150-deserved thumbs up. Price Minerva motor scooter is priced at Rp.18.700.000, - OTR. For Minerva GTR 170 differ only in the capacity of a larger engine, which is 170cc. Another difference lies in the design of the cover body striping. Price GTR 170 is priced at Rp.21.500.000, - Review of Minerva GTR 170

Minerva MadAss
Minerva MadAss
Minerva MadAss
Motor Minerva this one deserves a thumbs up with his dragbike motorcycle-style concept. Could be, only Minerva which only offers a naked bike with a full concepts like this. MadAss which has a design capacity of 125 cc motorcycles trondol is able to snatch European cups Sport Motorcycle Best Choice, Best Futuristic Design and Indonesian Motorcycle of The Year are all disabet in 2008 For the price, Minerva MadAss priced at Rp.15.600.000, - OTR for a full review on this motor can read Minerva MadAss review article.     

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