Motorcycle Drag

     Motorcycle racing is a motorsport that uses motorcycles. Motor racing, particularly the road race, is quite popular in Indonesia. Almost every week in various regions in Indonesia motorcycle racing event held. In addition to road race, the other type of motor racing are quite often held is motocross, drag bike, grasstrack and supersport.

    There are various types of exercise that uses the means of motor racing. Federation Internationale de Motorcyclisme (FIM) is the international agency that serves overshadow the various types of sporting activities such motor racing.
      Because there are many various types and forms of the motor, then there are also various types of motor racing championship pelombaan and, among others:


    Road racing or road racing in pure form or its origin is a contested race on public roads, such as the trajectory of the Isle of Man TT (Tourist Trophy), and some of the Macao Grand Prix track in Ireland. Because due to the danger that is not released from such a narrow highway, sidewalk, and the walls, mostly road racing is now moved to a trajectories are built.


   Circuit Racing, or racing circuit, which is where the motor-racing bike or a specially designed mass-production motorcycles modified to compete with each other in a well designed circuit. MotoGP is an example of a top class race to race bike designed specifically for racing and not sold freely, while the World Superbike race to race is an example of mass production of motors and sold freely, but with modifications to suit conditions.


    Classic Racing Classic Racing is where participants race by using a motor that has been heavily modified from the earlier era - usually the motors before the mid 70's.

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