Five Fastest Motercycle Drag In Indonesia

       This time drag bike again be held in the city of apples, poor. Competition in the highlands and cooler temperatures makes the motor requires a new set up. Mechanical-mechanical central java, especially from Semarang seems able to adapt easily, it appears from the motorcycle rider was taken to record a faster time and began to change much. Not to be outdone the local mechanics of the poor while maintaining the sweet name of eastern Java, passing riders Rizky Unyil able to record two titles. Intense competition is also heating up again. This time the national dragbiker, Eko Chodox back on track and scooped three top podium, to keep it holds a powerful dragster. Due to restrictions which may be followed by each class of the 3 starter no.1 fruit cup, and 3 cups of the top three podium is a satisfactory achievement. But in the future there is the possibility of the maestro will wipe out all the titles in each class that he attended. Let's wait

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